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Working as a Team

To achieve big goals, it is critical to coordinate the efforts of the various subject matter experts who support you and your business.

Here is an example of the roles required by different professionals in an exit planning process:

GRAPH - Exit Planning Advisor Roles(1).png

graph adapted from Exit Planning Institute

An Investment
Not An Expense

Professionals:  If you are a professional with small business clients who are in need of assistance preparing their business for sale or succession – please get in touch. 

Business Owners:  If you aren't sure which professional you need to hire, or how much you might need to spend on developing a successful business transition – please get in touch.

Hiring this team is an investment – not an expense.

Together we can identify an overall budget and determine the value of this process.  Remember – a successful business exit will fund your retirement, or your next project.

Perhaps you want to stay involved in the business for a period of time.  Or you want to set up the next generation for success without inheriting old issues.  Every project is unique. 


The goal is always to improve the value of the company – to leave it in better shape than you (founded) it in.

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