How do you build a creative brand 

from scratch – that can blow up? 


This season features 10 visual artists in Los Angeles who followed their passion – and built a successful business – based on their original artwork. 

We do a deep dive into how they did it, and what it took.  The courage, sacrifice and mindset required for success.  


From Pasadena to Culver City – 

from Melrose to Long Beach.  

Welcome to the world of

LA Working Artists

Newest Season: 

LA Working Artists


Season Guests:

• Kim Weller of LA Creeps

• MEAR ONE graffiti artist of CBS crew

• Ann Shen author of Bad Girls Throughout History

• Ben Goretsky of DesignerCon

• Wendy Bryan Lazar of I Heart Guts

• Kate Hart of Bittersqueaks

• Ryan Brunty of Depressed Monsters

• Lela Lee of Angry Little Girls

• Truck Torrence of 100% Soft

• Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot

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