6 Best Small Business Podcasts

Since we spend so much time creating our own podcast for creative entrepreneurs, we obviously love them!

Here is our list of favorite podcasts that keep entrepreneurs inspired, motivated, idea-driven ... and lets be honest, they're just fun to listen to.

  1. Startup by Gimlet Media - The first season was about Alex Blumberg literally starting this podcasting company. Since then they've gone on to feature other interesting startups.

  2. How I Built This by NPR – Guy Raz is a killer host (also known for his work with TED Radio Hour), and the guest entrepreneur's companies are famous such as REI and WeWork.

  3. Dave Ramsey Show by Ramsey Solutions – Technically more of a financial advice show, this long-time radio host counsels Americans on how to get out of debt. Lots of lessons in there for any budding entrepreneur on how to stay out of financial traps.

  4. Startup Nation by Startup Nation – A fairly straightforward business show, this program features detailed explanations from real business owners of everything from leadership to cash management.

  5. Entrepreneur on Fire by Fire Nation – John Lee Dumas pulls back the curtain into his own finances and experiences basically podcasting and becoming a business 'guru' – the show features various other gurus and experts. Helpful for its transparency.

  6. Working Sunday by Working Sunday – Great stories detailing the business model, challenges and lives of interesting creative entrepreneurs.

And here are some bonus shows that aren't quite as directly helpful, but are great to listen to!

  • Planet Money by NPR - weird, interesting, jaw-dropping economic reporting

  • Marketplace by American Public Media – one of the best daily business news briefings (that's not totally boring)

  • Mad Money with Jim Cramer by CNBC – if you want to invest some of your hard-earned gains in the stock market...

Happy listening!

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