The Brutal Pastry Business

When I think of Luis Villavelazquez I think of the word 'grit'.

Barely into his twenties, this dude was a star pastry chef earning stripes at top San Francisco restaurants and features in culinary magazines.

Now into his thirties he has survived business partner fall-outs, a down economy and personal drama - emerging with a growing consulting business - and hard won invaluable experience in how to make it in the restaurant industry.

And man, the puff donuts he brought me were incredibly tasty.

He's now got clients from San Francisco to Orange County who pay for him to architect their baking setup, design their menu and train their staff.

He's definitely turned his lemons into lemon chiffon cake.

This was the first interview I conducted for Working Sunday - part of the first episode we are dropping this February.

We talked about:

- cost structure of a croissant (mainly butter & labor - $.70-$1.25 depending on the labor market)

- his recent foray into Chinese pastries

- what NOT to do when forming a business partnership (don't leave it at a handshake agreement...)

THANK YOU Luis for sharing your experiences.

Have a great Working Sunday ya'll.


You can get in touch with Luis at Les Elements Ventures to get your bakery concept off the ground.

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