starting this startup from scratch

Holidays are here. Gifts need giving. Children need... whatever children need.

And here I am in a coffee shop in North Oakland starting out this new venture. Working Sunday. A guide to life in small business.

Got business cards to prove it!

Let's be honest, if you're reading this first post you're probably a friend - or a friend of a friend. There's a quick ask (to-do) in this blog so friends please read through and respond.

Strangers... up to you.

Anyways, this should be fun! But starting a business is always a bit like Wile E. Coyote taking those first steps into air. You can plan all you want but when the day comes when the rubber hits the road... you just hope the road rises to meet you.

It felt that way when I launched my first company too... and I know that everyone out there who has a small business knows exactly what the F- I'm talking about.

So... (as much to humor myself as anyone else)... why don't we go over the steps that I've taken to get to this point where I'm ready to take my first step:

  1. Values - check

  2. Vision - check

  3. Mission - check

  4. Competitive landscape analysis - check

  5. Business model - check

  6. Startup funding - hello savings account

  7. Mentors - check

  8. Web Address - yeah babay

  9. Social Stuff - in there like swimwear @workingsunday #doinit

  10. Motivation - fuckin workin on it.

Looking forward to my homie MATT MILLSKIE to work on this thing with me. Always makes things more fun with friends. And therein lies the motivation. Gotta have fun with it.


Big shout out to all the homies who run their own businesses Ron Arana, Julian Dash, Taylor Drake, Steph David (new addition to the club!), entrepreneurs of all flavors, Vince Jijad included ;) coming to interview all ya'll soon...

And here is the ASK:

If you know of someone who runs their own business, please get me in touch with them. I am filling up spots for the first half of 2017 now and would love to interview your peeps - get them a little free press, ya' know? Put an email together between us at

OK, now where were we?

Oh yeah - I forgot - what will this business do?

Well, why don't I quote from the business plan:

'Working SUnday is A media organization launched in 2017 providing support, community and entertainment to self-defined 'creative entrepreneurs' with a core focus on businesses between 1-9 employees.

a podcast & Weekly newsletter are published featuring interviews with small business owners - documenting their current struggles & successes.

Interviewees are encouraged to leave open-ended questions for the audience to help solve in the comments. They are also encouraged to provide discount codes or other marketing incentives for the audience to adopt their products / services.

The tone of Working Sunday is No B.S., no corporate lingo, straight-talk with a bent towards 'doing the right thing' in business - speaking to a highly intelligent, young and independent demographic.

are you still paying attention? damn, I'm impressed...

What's that you say? You want to know more?

OK fine, I'll keep going...

The mission of this organization is:

Empower Entrepreneurs to be the Best Version of Themselves

(I had to put that in hot pink it is so important)

Most revenue is generated via advertising & sponsorships. Additional future revenue streams may include events, books and trainings. Content partnerships will be sought with mainstream media in order to expand audience (without giving up brand equity).

The primary metrics that the organization follows are digital marketing metrics - tracking audience expansion & interests via clicks, listens, downloads. It is a learning organization whose content is very malleable.

The value proposition to the audience is:

- Access to real-life stories & problem solving on relevant issues

- Entertainment that passes as educational

- Freebies & knowledge of awesome new products & Services

- corporate sponsors delivering reduced price or enhanced access to critical services such as QBooks, Nolo Press, MailChimp, etc.

The Value Proposition to Interviewees is:

- Free Marketing Platform

- Help solving critical issues

so there you go. a year of thought boiled down into a few paragraphs.

did you email me to get in touch with your entrepreneur buddy yet? well go ahead, don't worry - I'll wait.

and even if you don't have an entrepreneur in your life, hit me with your feedback! would love to know what you think.

Happy Holidays.



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