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About Us

Creative Wealth Strategy is a small business owner strategy firm.


Our focus is to build wealth for creative entrepreneurs.


We begin with respect for you, and what you're building.  We listen to your situation.  We work alongside you to understand your business and financial life.  We employ tools normally used by private equity and brand strategy firms to bring insight.


We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, not only in building a better short-term income – but also sources of long-term equity and retirement planning.

Small business is personal. 


It requires a ton of investment and sweat equity.  These decisions can be healthy risks – or can lead to personal disaster. 


We help owners navigate personal financial and strategic choices – to build the value of their company.


We ask:

• Are current actions building wealth? 

• Or driving into debt?

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We come from the same place you do – the trickiness of managing employees, cash flow, vendors and product.  It's difficult, to set aside time and money to focus on the long-term.


Our focus is constantly the big picture – seeking opportunities that will leapfrog you from your current position. 


If you would like a fresh pair of eyes and assistance navigating the complex negotiations, market strategy and financial planning involved in building a more valuable company – please get in touch.  Whether it's a short-term cash crunch or long-term exit strategy we will be happy to hear from you!


And keep up the good work!  What you are doing - building a small business - is so important for your community and our country.



Reuben B. Ly


Entrepreneur, Strategy Consultant

In addition to running his own business for 10 years, Reuben worked in corporate strategy – helping re-structure and sell a multi-national family business with revenues of $20mm+.  Helping the owner retire and relieve himself of the personal debt and headaches was incredibly rewarding.


He loves doing this kind of work – helping smart & creative entrepreneurs identify solutions to the difficult personal challenges they face.  It inspired the 30+ episodes he created of Working Sunday podcast.  And it has inspired this company.

Carlos R. Vela


Small Business Financial Consultant

Carlos was formally trained in audit and assurance at KPMG LLP, and has approximately 13+ years of professional experience in audit, tax, and operational accounting. Additionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California and has helped various clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

LeAnn Levering


Marketing Consultant & Coach

LeAnn began her career in digital product marketing at Dell Computers in the early 2000's.  Since then she has migrated between the corporate world and startups.  In her freelance consulting work, she has turned around marketing departments – implementing rigorous data-backed systems – under venture-backed founders.


An accomplished professional, LeAnn approaches difficult tasks with enthusiasm and, when needed, a sense of humor.

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