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Working Sunday podcast documents the David vs. Goliath battle that creative entrepreneurs face while making a living, doing what they love.  

Each season captures a different local industry, in a particular place.


  • Season 1: SF Bay Area entrepreneurs released bi-weekly in 2017

  • Season 2: LA Working Artists premiered in November 2018

  • Season 3: Colorado Craft Brewers coming soon

Starting a business is hard.  We make this show to help fellow creative entrepreneurs feel a little less alone.

Working Sunday:  Because when it's your own business... you gotta do it.

who is reuben ly?

Reuben Ly is a San Francisco native who turned his graffiti skills into a successful printing business, co-founded a thriving art gallery in Oakland, CA, and managed the successful strategic sale of a family business.


Now, he is following his passion of learning from fellow creative entrepreneurs.  And sharing what he learns with you.

who else works on the show?


William Mandell provides music and mixing for most episodes.  He is a multi-faceted musician, and runs Broken Horn Studios in San Mateo CA ... and if you want to learn more about him, his story was featured in episode 12 of this podcast!


David Fuchs is our master editor, logging long hours to make sure only the best snippets of interview reach your ears!  Based in New York, his freelance radio work has been featured on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and elsewhere.  Visit his website to learn more.

Kumar Butler (center of photograph, with his bandmates) is a member of The Seshen – featured in episode 15 of this podcast!   He contributes music and mixing to the show.

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Multitude (Production & Marketing Support): Multitude is a podcast collective and consultancy based in New York City.  Co-founder, Amanda McCloughlin provides industry and marketing consulting to the show.  Multitude also produces five original podcasts spanning fiction and nonfiction.  Find out more on their website.

Emily Shaw is an independent podcast producer.  She provides great high-level guidance and editing for the show.  Get in touch on her website.

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